The Drammeh Institute's Moving Image Archive contains a modest, contemporary sampling of

primary sourced records documenting a wide

range of issues from, music trends, to intense

social commentary on ideas in the attainment

of political goals.



Moving Image Archives


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Historical Memory

Archives shape the historical memory of society and provide evidence of the attainment of universal rights among its citizens in the way of freedom, self determination, an adequate standard of living for health, and education. 


Under this rubric, archives can be very useful in gauging the responsibility of governments and their impact on communities.


The Drammeh Institute recognizes the importance of preserving authentic and reliable records through the moving image and is committed to using recorded data to promote dialogue across a breadth of diverse cultures, ethnicities  and  languages.


Since covering the United Nations World Conference Against Racism, in Durban, South Africa, 2001, the Institute continues to monitor outcomes that build on compelling examinations of race relations by political and social scientists, including activists and artists of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.


Moving image collections include:

  • Social commentary.
  • Primary sourced accounts of defenders of human rights.
  • Testimonies on modern chattel and sexual slavery, used in preparations of the United Nations Working Group on Contemporary Forms of Slavery, Human Rights Commission, Geneva, Switzerland. 



The Moving Image Archive has helped numerous end-users measure accuracy for their projects, articles and research at various stages.


Primary sourced records include  internally  produced content, as well as content developed by strategic partners and contributors.



Moving Image Collections

from African Regions

Sudanese refugees in Chad tell their story.


UN forces in Chad
Youth and refugee camp life.

Source: Tchad Agir Pour L'Environnement

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